Halloween Pumpkin Patterns

Have a Tim Burton Halloween: 6 Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Movie Fans

He’s captivated us with dark and whimsical scenery, made our skin crawl with creepy characters and won our hearts with rich storytelling. Tim Burton is arguably the king of Halloween. His creations are celebrated by many, even though they tend to be very dark and brooding. You can bring his most famous characters and scenes to life with printable pumpkin ...

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It’s the Muppets…Pumpkin Stencils!: 4 Fun Muppet Pumpkin Faces to Spice Up Halloween

The Muppets are beloved all over the world! They have a lengthy legacy that dates back to the 1950s with the creation of everyone’s favorite amphibian, Kermit the Frog. They have truly proven themselves to be versatile when it comes to entertaining groups of all ages. Some incarnations are better suited to younger viewers and their parents while others favor ...

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5 Pumpkin Carving Stencil Packages for Kids Halloween Parties

Pumpkin carving templates are an easy way to create unique Jack o Lanterns for kids Halloween parties. There are many kid-friendly styles that young revelers will absolutely love. If you are planning an even with older children, consider setting up stations to let them carve their own pumpkins with stencils! This should be done with adult supervision, of course. Whether you’re carving ...

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