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Most people only think of images when they design pumpkin carving stencils, but words can also be a fun choice! Letters let you send a message – be it a warm welcome or a terrifying warning. Printable patterns can make “writing” on your pumpkin far easier than doing it free hand. You can paint on words, but these won’t actually light up when you light a candle inside the pumpkin. A dark Jack o Lantern is impossible to see at night, which is why it’s often better to actually carve and illuminate yours. If you are looking for inspiration, consider our four favorite pumpkin carving patterns featuring quotes and words!

WelcomeA Spooky Welcome for All Halloween Guests

Your Jack o Lantern can also serve as a welcome sign! Our classic welcome design features an arched window with a leering black cat. Creepy cat eyes glare as the feline curls its long tail. The four sectioned window provides a wide open area for candlelight to show through. A scary dripping font spells out the word “welcome” underneath.

This is a great design for Halloween parties! Greet guests or use on Trick or Treat night to welcome visitors looking for a few pieces of candy and some friendly conversation. Place this one near your front door or wherever you prefer guests go when they arrive. This is also a festive pumpkin stencil for cat owners!

Go-AwayA Pumpkin Warning Sign

Not all Halloween decorations are intended to encourage people to stop by. This warning sign pumpkin stencil will make the faint of heart think twice before striking your door knocker (or door bell, for the modern scary family). Tendrils of blood seems to ooze down the side in the form of expertly carved grooves. The words “Go Away” appear within. This design looks amazing when lit from behind with a candle or whatever luminary you plan to use this year.

Beware that this pumpkin pattern is a challenging design with a 4/5 difficulty so it’s not a good starter template for novices. If you’re skilled enough to craft this ultra-terrifying quote, there are many ways you can enhance it. Drop fake blood or blood red paint on top to complement the dripping effect used in the stencil. You can even embed a large butcher knife in the top to go with the blood for a festive “serial killer” look.

An Easy Trick or Treat QuoteTrick-or-treat-Easy

You don’t have to be an expert to carve legible quote pumpkins.  Our Trick or Treat easy pumpkin pattern provides an alternative for newcomers. This design may be simple, but it looks detailed enough to impress Trick or Treaters of all ages (and their parents). The text reads “Trick or Treat” with a jagged tooth monster face in place of the “O”.

Our Trick or Treat design gives you nearly limitless options when pumpkin decorating this year. Keep it simple by adding a candle to the inside and displaying as is or add your own personal touches. Smaller gourds and hay bales are great for a traditional look. Place on a table with a black or dark purple tablecloth and surround with pieces of Halloween candy for Trick or Treaters to grab!

TrickorTreatBreak Out on Trick or Treat Night

This Trick or Treat pumpkin stencil looks like it is literally breaking out of the Jack o Lantern! The famous “Trick or Treat” Halloween quote appears again in a fun retro font. The letters are surrounded by jagged pieces of pumpkin that look broken and shattered. Due to the smaller cuts, this pattern is slightly harder than our other Trick or Treat stencil.

This design also gives you many display options. Set it out on Trick or Treat night next to wherever you plan to hand out candy to guide visitors during the festivities. Arrange it next to the candy bowl or right on your front steps. Surround in Halloween props like severed limbs, fake rats or whatever you have left over from last year!

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