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The Muppets are beloved all over the world! They have a lengthy legacy that dates back to the 1950s with the creation of everyone’s favorite amphibian, Kermit the Frog. They have truly proven themselves to be versatile when it comes to entertaining groups of all ages. Some incarnations are better suited to younger viewers and their parents while others favor more mature humor – like the most recent Muppet show which first aired on ABC this year. Kids and adults alike will love carving pumpkin faces featuring these furry and froggy characters!

Kermit the Frog’s All Purpose Pumpkin Carving StencilKermit

Kermit the Frog is often consider the “face” of the Muppets. His happy smile is captured on our pumpkin stencil with the same name. This design includes his grin, round eyes and frog neck fringe. Hard patterns are not always a great choice for children or novices. Luckily our Kermit is a 2/5 difficulty rating, making him a little harder than easy – but not too much!

It’s not easy being green, but it can be fun! You can repurpose our Kermit the Frog pumpkin stencil by using it on a watermelon in the summer time. The green skin matches his typical color. Besides, who doesn’t love having an excuse to eat fresh watermelon? Use at kids’ birthday parties, picnics or any other occasion! If you happen have a watermelon in autumn, you can also incorporate this variation into your Halloween display. Trick or Treaters will definitely notice the strange green “pumpkin” sitting on your porch!

Fabulous Pumpkin Faces with Miss PiggyMissPiggy

The only other Muppet to rival Kermit in popularity has to be Miss Piggy. She’s confident and always speaks her mind. Our Miss Piggy pumpkin stencils capture her personality with a come hither pose and her lovely curled locks. She appears in gorgeous detail, from her snout to her round ears! We recommend carving Miss Piggy and Kermit then displaying them together (unless you prefer the storyline in ABC’s version which has Kermit with the alluring Denise!).

Anything glamorous goes well with Miss Piggy pumpkins. Use glue or paint to create elegant patterns surrounding the design then cover in pink or purple sparkles. You can also wrap in gorgeous fabrics to recreate the look of Miss Piggy’s fabulous wardrobe.

Cook Up Halloween Fun with the Swedish ChefSwedishChef

Kermit and Miss Piggy may be the most recognizable of Muppets, but the Swedish Chef is likely one of the most mimicked! His deep “Swedish” accept gives him a unique charm that makes everyone giggle. Our Swedish Chef pumpkin templates feature this fine food master in his trademark apron and moustache with a wooden spoon and butcher knife.

You can easily build a fitting display for your Swedish Chef Jack o Lantern by raiding the kitchen! Pick out some simple utensils to surround the pumpkin. Add produce or toss a classic chef hat on top. A white and red checkered table cloth makes a great backdrop!

Go Wild on Halloween with AnimalAnimal

Animal is the craziest of the Muppets, and that’s really saying something! Despite the many wild personalities appearing on the show, Animal manages to be the wildest and most outrageous. He’s loud, energetic and often out of control! Our Animal pumpkin stencil features his big open mouth, teeth and unkempt fur as he wields a pair of drum sticks.

Instruments are a great addition to your Animal pumpkin display. Even if you don’t have a full drum kit, you can still add a “musical” touch with drum sticks or a tambourine. Faux fur in bright colors makes an exciting backdrop with this pattern. Just drape your faux fur (preferably in red) on the ground or table then set your Animal Jack o Lantern on top!

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