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Pumpkin carving templates are an easy way to create unique Jack o Lanterns for kids Halloween parties. There are many kid-friendly styles that young revelers will absolutely love. If you are planning an even with older children, consider setting up stations to let them carve their own pumpkins with stencils! This should be done with adult supervision, of course. Whether you’re carving a pumpkin to decorate for the party or plan on making the project a party activity, the kids will love these themed pumpkin carving kits!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Pumpkin DesignsPinkiePie

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the newest take on the My Little Pony cartoons from the 1980s. This pumpkin carving kit features the “mane six” plus their beloved dragon friend Spike. Each character looks just like they do in the recent cartoon, with a slightly anime feel and big, adorable eyes. These pumpkin templates are a great choice when decorating for a kids Halloween party but are not  recommended when carving with children because they are a 4/5 challenge level (unless the adults plan on doing most of the work). You can add enhancements like cutie marks painted on the sides of each Jack o Lantern or a sprinkling of sparkles.

ElmoSesame Street Pumpkin Designs

You will find six of Sesame Street’s most beloved characters in this TV show themed pumpkin stencil pack. You get adorable Elmo, grouchy Oscar, The Count, Big Bird and a single design featuring Bert and Ernie. This collection ranks between a 2/5 and 3/5 challenge level so they are easier to create, but may require significant adult supervision. Sesame street pumpkins are also a fun party decoration for fall birthdays!

Angry Birds Pumpkin DesignsAngry-Birds-Yellow

The Angry Birds are breaking out of the internet to make appearances on your Halloween pumpkins! Our Jack o Lantern patterns feature all the different birds as well as King Pig for a total of eight designs. The characters won’t have their trademark bright hues like they do in the game since pumpkins typically don’t grow in blue, yellow and red. If you want a more diverse palette than orange, try painting each bird body in their respective colors! Our Angry Birds pumpkin cutouts are ranked as a 2/5 challenge level, which can be helpful for new carvers or adults who will be assisting young children.

Donkey-ShrekShrek Pumpkin Designs

Shrek is a scary green ogre with a big heart. That makes him the perfect inspiration for printable pumpkin carving patterns intended for kids. Our Shrek package includes four of the key characters from the films. There’s Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss N Boots and the big green man himself! Parents should note that this pumpkin stencil pack ranks between a 3/5 and 5/5 which will be difficult for the young and inexperienced.

Classic Halloween Kids Pumpkin DesignsFruity-Bat-Final

Traditional designs are a lot of fun when carving pumpkins! If you prefer a more Halloween focused theme, our kids pumpkin stencil package is a must-have for your party. This generous collection gives you 10 different templates to choose from. There’s a vampire, spider, witch, bat, moon, ghosts, eyes and two cats so you have more options when picking out a pattern. This pack ranks on the easier side of the spectrum, with a challenge level of between 1/5 and 3/5 so it’s a better choice for younger carvers.

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