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You don’t have to be a seasoned pumpkin carver to create a scary pumpkin face! Thanks to the internet, you can use printable stencils to create a hair raising Jack o Lantern that will frighten the neighbor kids. This list includes pumpkin carving stencils that are similar to traditional triangle eyed pumpkins but with a number of different shapes and styles that make them very unique. Read our list of 2015’s scariest Jack o Lantern patterns for beginners to get started!

CatToothJackCat Tooth Jack o Lantern Pattern

There is something very unsettling about the over sized mouth featured on this menacing pumpkin face. Instead of a goofy grin, this design includes an animalistic mouth that’s parted to display rows of pointed teeth.  Long fangs extend down on both sides to recreate the look of a growling cat’s jaws. Slit triangle eyes stare from above, sitting close to the upper jaw to enhance the spook factor. You can add a pair of cat ears to the top of the pumpkin and display this one on black faux fur!

Scary Face Jack o Lantern PatternScary face jackolantern carving pattern

This design takes the classic Jack o Lantern expression and twists it! Curved lines are favored over straight edges. The effect is very creepy with a ghostly quality that will stick with any Trick or Treaters who happen by. The mouth starts with narrow sides that widen to form angled teeth with pointy tips. Matching eyes create the illusion of a furrowed pumpkin brow with curved nose. Set on your porch or scare passersby by hiding this glowing face in a bush or alley! Just make sure you don’t use an open flame to light it when hiding.

twisted jackolantern pumpkin carving patternTwisted Jack o Lantern Pattern

Who knows what this Jack o Lantern is thinking! Based on its slit eyes and devious grin, it can’t be something good. Our Twisted pattern has narrow eyes with subtle pupils and a dramatically curved nose. The mouth is open wider on one end and filled with razor sharp orange teeth. This is a good design to use with different colored pumpkin lights. Red and green are a great choice and will really add atmosphere when displayed with a haunted house soundtrack that features a lot of maniacal laughter.

Savage Jack o Lantern PatternSavage

Our Savage Jack o Lantern skips the jovial Halloween look for something far more intense. If you want scary pumpkin stencils, you will love this terrifying face. His mouth is narrow and full of long, pointed teeth that look like the fangs of some great beast. Large crescent moon shaped eyes stare out from its angry face, searching for the next victim! Grab a few kitchen knives and insert into the sides and top then apply some fake blood to make this Jack o Lantern look wounded. Any classic slasher style Halloween decorations work well with this chilling design!

scary jack o lantern carving patternSharp Toothed Scary Jack o Lantern Pattern

All other scary Jack o Lantern faces pale in comparison to this ghoulish creation. The design incorporates classic elements with numerous triangles. Curves and angles are strategically used to take this pumpkin lantern to a whole new level of scary. His eyes are rounded with tapered tips and pointed pupils. His gaping mouth is lined in curled fangs from end to end.  Watch out because younger Trick or Treaters may be too afraid to approach this nightmarish Jack o Lantern!

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