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Halloween is the scary holiday, so naturally scary pumpkin carving patterns are going to be a popular choice for many revelers. It’s not easy to come up with ideas to outdo previous years’ or the unique displays neighbors put up. The following five ideas will help you come up with a creative new way to turn a plain pumpkin into a Halloween fiend!

Bloody Hand Print Stencil
Bloody hands are a great choice for murder scene Halloween displays.

Scary Pumpkin Idea 1: The Bloody Hand Stencil and Murder Scene Motif

Sometimes the simplest concepts can be the scariest. Our bloody hand pumpkin stencil is a great choice for a downright bloody display. Create a harrowing crime scene with fake blood splatter, murder weapon and chalk outlines. Complement with a bloody hand carved pumpkin to provide creepy illumination that will have guests jumping!

Scary Pumpkin Idea 2: A Blood Sucking Good Time with a Dracula Pumpkin

Dracula may seem a bit cliché during this time of year but there’s still a lot of creep factor in the old guy. This timeless character is recreated with traditional elements in our Dracula pumpkin stencil. Surround with realistic bats and spiders and maybe a few blood drained victims. You can also create a classic Halloween theme by combining Dracula with our werewolf pumpkin stencil so you can work more fang into your holiday décor!

Hannibal Pumpkin Stencils
Hannibal makes a creepy dinner guest.

Scary Pumpkin Idea 3: Hannibal Lecter Comes to Dinner at Halloween

Hannibal Lecter is easily one of the most frightening characters created on the big screen. Our Hannibal lector scary pumpkin stencils recreate his leering visage with dramatic shadow detail. Build a cannibal’s feast on your front porch with this unsettling jack-o-lantern as the centerpiece!

Scary Pumpkin Idea 4: Carnival of Terror with Spooky Clown Pumpkins

Transform your porch, deck or yard into a carnival of terror! Ripped fabric for faux circus style tents, a few freak show props and our spooky clown pumpkin stencil is sure to give young Trick or Treaters second thoughts! Add in some out of tune circus music and demonic laughter sound tracks for atmosphere and you may have an award-winning, nightmare-inducing Halloween setup!

Scary Pumpkin Idea 5: Get Creative with Scarecrow Mask Pumpkin Stencils

Scarecrow Pumpkin Stencil
Creepy scarecrow pumpkin stencils are versatile!

The scarecrow mask scary pumpkin stencils are both festive and versatile. Use this one with a Children of the Corn-inspired display that features corn stalks, scythes and lifelike child-sized dolls. You can also take this one in an entirely different direction by using it to create a darker version of the Wizard of Oz. Turn Dorothy into a bloodsucking she-vampire, the Cowardly Lion into a werewolf and the tin man into Frankenstein with a yellow brick road that’s covered in blood!

Tips for Every Scary Pumpkin Carver

No matter which scary pumpkin carving patterns you choose, there are a few ways you can make them even more terrifying! Try these ideas this season and enjoy the reactions of everyone who stops by during Halloween.

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