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Choosing the right pumpkin carving designs isn’t easy when you have a large family or a family with a diverse age group. Simplify your holiday by choosing stencils that even the most discerning pumpkin designs carving experts in your home will adore!

Pumpkin Designs for Families with Small Children

Small children love to see their favorite movie and TV characters in Halloween décor. This is also a great way to find inspiration when picking out pumpkin stencils for your home. Try to choose designs that both adults and children love so everyone in your family has fun carving! Five great pumpkin stencils for families with young children include:

Pumpkin Designs for Families with Pre-Teen to Teen Aged Children

Older children have different tastes and preferences. The cutesy pumpkins and witches from their early years aren’t “cool” anymore. Don’t worry, you can still maintain the family pumpkin carving tradition with printable stencils that appeal to older children.

Pumpkin Designs for Families with Young Adult & Adult Children

Pumpkin carving should be a tradition that carries on through the generations, even after children have grown up and gone to college or left the house. The following list includes fun designs for families with children that aren’t so young anymore!

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