15 Awesome Pumpkin Carving Designs for the Whole Family

Choosing the right pumpkin carving designs isn’t easy when you have a large family or a family with a diverse age group. Simplify your holiday by choosing stencils that even the most discerning pumpkin designs carving experts in your home will adore!

Pumpkin Designs for Families with Small Children

Small children love to see their favorite movie and TV characters in Halloween décor. This is also a great way to find inspiration when picking out pumpkin stencils for your home. Try to choose designs that both adults and children love so everyone in your family has fun carving! Five great pumpkin stencils for families with young children include:

  • Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Stencil from Monsters, Inc.: Monsters, Inc. created scary creatures that were still very likeable. Children will love helping to prepare and carve a pumpkin with charming Mike standing in one of the film’s iconic doorways. Even very young children will have a wonderful time without getting too scared.
  • Olaf Pumpkin Stencil

    Olaf from Frozen, carved in pumpkin

    Olaf Pumpkin Stencil from Disney’s Frozen: Frozen is everywhere right now. Children are hurrying to find or make Elsa costumes while adults sing Let It Go in the car or shower. There’s a lot to love about the film, especially happy little Olaf. It’s never too early to build a snowman with the Olaf pumpkin stencil!

  • Minion Pumpkin Stencil from Despicable Me: Minions were among the most endearing characters in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Our themed vampire-minion stencil is a great choice that combines your family’s favorite character from the film with a classic Halloween costume!
  • Costumed Hello Kitty Pumpkin StencilHello Kitty is an adorable character that’s also easy to carve! Our costumed Hello Kitty design includes her adorable wide face with a simple burglar mask. This one looks amazing and is only difficulty level 2 so the design takes less time and effort (which is important when working with young children!).
  • Classic Snoopy and Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin StencilSnoopy is very popular because he is a character kids can love that comes from a show that will make adults feel nostalgic. Bring more magic to your Halloween celebration by carving everyone’s favorite beagle laying on his back atop a grinning jack-o-lantern!

Pumpkin Designs for Families with Pre-Teen to Teen Aged Children

Older children have different tastes and preferences. The cutesy pumpkins and witches from their early years aren’t “cool” anymore. Don’t worry, you can still maintain the family pumpkin carving tradition with printable stencils that appeal to older children.

  • Pumpkin Carving Designs with TextIf your teenagers have outgrown cartoon characters, why not try something different this year with text patterns? Our “Go Away” pumpkin stencil is a great choice with a higher challenge level that is more engaging for older kids and adults. Angsty teens may even want to carve one to place outside their bedroom door!
  • 1D Pumpkin Stencils

    One Direction pumpkin stencils are a must-have for pop music lovers.

    One Direction Pumpkin Designs for Pop Music Lovers: If your teenager loves pop music, let them add a personal touch to the Halloween décor this year with One Direction stencils. This package contains designs featuring the faces of all five members of the Irish-English boy band plus a 1D logo stencil pattern.

  • Wonderland Pumpkin Designs for the Whole Family: Alice in Wonderland may be based on a story that is geared towards children, but modern adaptations have really brought out the more mature side of this classic tale. Pre-teens and teens will love recreating the iconic characters from the 2010 Tim Burton film with our Wonderland pumpkin carving stencils pack.
  • Twilight Pumpkin Stencils for Teens : Whether you love it or hate it, the Twilight saga has developed a huge following since the first film was released in 2008. Our Twilight pumpkin stencil packs are a great choice for families with teens who love the books and/or the movies! Add a dash of glitter to your pumpkins for that sparkly vampire effect!
  • Classic Jack-o-Lanterns are Great for All Ages: Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin stencils are always a great choice. Our printable stencils will let older children and teenagers pick a design that they love that features traditional elements with as much or as little detail as they are comfortable carving. Something simple like the Terrifying Jack stencils are quick and easy while more difficult designs like the Evil Jack stencil features more horrific personality.

Pumpkin Designs for Families with Young Adult & Adult Children

Pumpkin carving should be a tradition that carries on through the generations, even after children have grown up and gone to college or left the house. The following list includes fun designs for families with children that aren’t so young anymore!

  • Political Pumpkin Carving Designs:  Have some fun with your favorite political figures by creating a “Mitt Zombie” or “President Ozomba” pumpkin design! Available separately or as part of the 2012 election pumpkin patterns pack.
  • Game of Thrones Pumpkin Stencil

    Honor Rob Stark with Game of Thrones pumpkin stencils!

    Game of Thrones Pumpkin Stencil PackAs fans anxiously await season five of Game of Thrones, costumes and décor inspired by the series are showing up everywhere. Create the sigil of your favorite house with our Game of Thrones pumpkin carving design pack!

  • George Takei Pumpkin Carving StencilGeorge Takei may have started his career aboard the U.S.S Enterprise as Hikaru Sulu, but he continues to draw in new followers and fans with his brilliant personality. Pay homage to one of the funniest men on or off the web with the George Takei pumpkin stencil!
  • Big Bang Theory Pumpkin Carving StencilsIf you love the TV show Big Bang Theory, then you’ll love the hilariously awkward pumpkin carving designs inspired by the show’s characters! Place these themed jack-o-lanterns around your abode and get your fellow fans talking about the show.
  • Villain & Superhero Pumpkin DesignsVillains and super heroes are a favorite for all ages. Many popular super hero characters have been recreated with dark, edgy style that’s perfect for adults. Try a Spiderman stencil or create Bane from The Dark Knight. Both are ultimate carving difficulty so your family can test their carving skills and create something that will impress the neighbors!

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