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Many pumpkin face templates are geared towards adults, but what about patterns that are ideal for young children? Every year parents go through the same Halloween headaches when it comes to choosing pumpkin patterns for their little ones.  Thankfully there are easy ways to help children find a jack-o-lantern stencils that they will love and most importantly, won’t change their mind about a day before the holiday! Try these simple ideas to come up with unique pumpkin designs for your little ones.

Idea 1: Recreate Cartoon Characters in a Pumpkin


Every child has at least one favorite cartoon character. Many have more than can be counted on both hands. There are a number of hugely popular animated personalities that are available as pumpkin face templates. Parents who prefer traditional themes may notice that Tinkerbell patterns have made a comeback in recent years.

There are also characters that are seen in films as well as on television. Po from Kung Fu Panda is featured along with the toothy grin of Finding Nemo’s Bruce. Little girls will love Barbie themed patterns. Even Snoopy’s Red Baron character makes appearances on the pumpkin face templates list.

Idea 2: Your Child’s Favorite Video Game Characters 

Many children have developed a fondness for video games. There are so many to choose from, which is why they are a great place to start looking for carving ideas. Goku and Zelda pumpkin face templates are available in a wide range of difficulty levels. Older children may be capable of tackling challenging designs with the help of an adult. Entire families can get together and choose characters from the same video game to create a matching set.

Idea 3: Traditional Halloween Pumpkin Patterns

Traditional designs may be a better choice for parents of very young children or toddlers. These generally feature a neutral pattern that captures the spirit of the season in an appropriate manner. The Terrifying jack-o-lantern may be a good traditional choice that is also extremely easy, rated as a beginner level stencil. The Bucktooth jack-o-lantern is a slightly less spooky option with the same difficulty rating.

Idea 4: Jack-o-Lanterns that Make You Giggle

Halloween is often associated with haunted places and creepy characters however that doesn’t mean your child’s pumpkin must also be scary. Funny pumpkin face templates come in a wide variety of styles, like the


Will B. Back pumpkin stencil. Find out what type of personality your child wants his or her pumpkin to have before buying a pattern.

Idea 5: Kids Love Furry Creatures

Most children absolutely adore animals. This is a good way to find pumpkin face template your little ones will enjoy carving. The Black Cat in Haunted House Window stencil features a glaring feline perched atop the word “welcome,” which might make it a suitable choice for display near your front door. The Cute Werewolf is another great choice for children who love living things. This one combines a popular scary theme with a lovable design.

Get your children involved when searching for jack-o-lantern stencils. Finding the right design is half the fun! Searching can become a family event each Halloween. Grab some kettle corn and apple cider, get the kids and begin your search for pumpkin face templates your family will love!Black-Cat

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