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Halloween pumpkin carving is extremely popular in October. Every autumn, families all over the country flock to local supermarkets, farmers markets and anywhere else that sells big, orange pumpkins. Most of these ambitious jack-o-lantern carvers won’t buy another for the rest of the year. Believe it or not, the classic jack-o-lantern can actually enhance many events, occasions and holidays that are not celebrated in October.

Personalize Your Party with a Jack-o-Lantern

Toothy Tiki
Toothy Tiki

There are many ways to decorate for a party. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation or anniversary, most of these personal events are presented with a color scheme and style or theme. Why not make the occasion even more memorable with jack-o-lantern that match?

Halloween pumpkin carving is so fun because you can do anything with your jack-o-lantern. There are many exciting stencils available to help you create the perfect design. There is no reason that the same technique can’t be applied to your big event. Not all patterns are scary or creepy. Pumpkin and watermelon stencils featuring exotic designs are perfect for a luau or summer party.

If the thought of Halloween pumpkin carving in June or July isn’t appealing, then try switching canvases. The Shaka or Fat Tiki stencils look just as good on a watermelon as they do on pumpkins. The Toothy and Crying Tiki faces are highly detailed and look just as good as any of the holiday-based styles currently available.

Baby Shower Pumpkins Make Adorable Decorations

Young Simba

Smaller pumpkins can be used to decorate for baby showers. Those who plan the event may find this approach appealing because the orange color is gender-neutral so it won’t matter if the new addition ends up being a boy or a girl. The photographs from the shower will always look appropriate because of the vibrant but non-gender specific color scheme!

A simple Summer Modern Flower or Butterfly design will look gorgeous as centerpieces. If the new parents have a specific theme for their baby’s bedroom and wardrobe, then you may be able to find stencils to match. Take your favorite Disney Halloween pumpkin carving patterns and use them for this momentous occasion instead. Smiling Simba or Kermit the Frog would love to be there as you celebrate.

Make Movie Night a Highly Anticipated

Watching movies with friends is a great way to spend time together. Some families make this regular event a special occasion by preparing refreshments and setting up the ideal viewing environment. Did you ever consider making your favorite film-inspired Halloween pumpkin carving patterns a movie night highlight?

Build excitement for a Harry Potter movie marathon with the pumpkin stencil package by the same name. The twelve stencils feature Voldemort, HagridDumbledore, Harry and many other beloved faces. See how many your guests can identify before the movie begins!

If you prefer to re-watch some of the classics, then check out the detailed Darth Vadar or Ghostbusters pumpkin stencils. These are excellent as Halloween pumpkin carving patterns, but look even better when you create them for a special presentation of your favorite old school films! From the Twilight New Moon pumpkin stencil pack to the cult classic Big Lebowski pack, there are many ways to impress guests at your next movie watching event.

The Dude
The Dude abides.

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