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Pumpkin carving patterns are very easy to find. Accessibility is just one reason that so many families choose to buy a pre-made design rather than creating their own.  They are very affordable as well, even if your holiday decorating budget is tight. Still many avoid going this route because they believe it will make their finished jack-o-lantern less original and unique. Before you spend hours coming up with a new pumpkin face this year, consider the benefits of a pre-made stencil.

Reason 1: So Many Styles Are Available to Make Your Halloween Celebration Stand Out

Nosferatu Vampire
Nosferatu-esque Vampire

Originality is a concern for many holiday revelers. As the popularity of pumpkin carving patterns has increased, so has the selection. Today there are many eye-catching styles that suit any personality. You can easily match the design to your taste, interests or the tone of your next Halloween party.

For example, if you are going for lots of scary atmosphere, try vampire pumpkin carving patterns. These bloodsuckers aren’t the type that will sparkle, but they will add a bit of bite to your celebration. The look of the classic fiend Nosferatu is captured in all of his exquisite creepiness with the level 3 Vampire pumpkin pattern. A Vampire pumpkin stencil package is also available for those who want to maximize scariness with more fanged pumpkins.

Reason 2: Pumpkin Carving Patterns Are Extremely Simple to Use


Time is often a problem during any holiday. Halloween doesn’t always fall on a weekend, which means parents and adults who plan to enjoy the celebration have to find time to prepare and decorate between work hours and other commitments. Trying to create the perfect jack-o-lantern face can quickly devour most of your available free time if you do it on your own.

Many pumpkin carving patterns are easy to use and will not take up much of your precious time around this popular holiday. New carvers may consider looking for a skill level 1 or 2 stencil that will allow them to create a flawless carving without agonizing over intricate details. Patterns like the Granny or Big Face jack-o-lanterns are perfect for a novice level carver with limited preparation time.

If you can trace an image then you can work with pumpkin carving patterns. The process is no more involved than cutting out the printed design and tracing it onto your pumpkin. A nail or small blade can score each shape so you can saw through it with ease when you finally pick up the carving knife.

Reason 3: Jack-o-Lantern Perfection is Nearly Guaranteed with a Stencil

Big Eyes
Big Eyes

It’s very difficult to get perfection when creating your own jack-o-lantern face. If you accidentally misplace a cut or remove something that is needed then you have two options: buy a new pumpkin or display a less-than-perfect jack-o-lantern. While there is no way to guarantee perfection every single time, as long as you choose pumpkin carving patterns that are within your ability level you will see good results.

Every pre-made pumpkin face you buy has been tried before. These designs have everything spaced out where it needs to be so your jack-o-lantern can support itself and still look awesome! Some pumpkin carving patterns require a skilled hand but many, like the Big Eyes stencil, are ideal for almost anyone. All you need is a pumpkin, knife, your stencil and a little appreciation for this chilling holiday!

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