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Impress your neighbors by decorating up your house for Halloween. First choose your favorite Halloween pumpkin stencils and print it off on card stock. Get some thin craft foam from your local craft supplier and tape the printed stencil to it. Use a sharp carving knife purchased from the hardware store and start with your smallest sections. If you tackle the largest sections first your small parts will break.

Once your pumpkin stencil is carved out into the foam remove the stencil and you now have your jackolantern template….although you won’t be using it on a pumpkin you will now create decorative glowing images in your windows!

Glow in the dark spray paint is available at your local craft store during the Halloween season. Major craft stores say Halloween supplies can be found as early as August.

Make sure that your windows are clean and you have a drop cloth over nearby furniture so that when the lights go out you don’t have glowing furniture. Take your freshly carved jackolantern template and tape it to your window. Hold the spray can about 4 inches away and put a few coats of fine spray over the stencil. Watch out for overspray!

Once the paint is dry remove the jackolantern template and turn off your lights….run down your road and check out your first Halloween decoration. Even in the dark your neighbours will know you are ready for the trick or treaters.

The more pumpkin stencils the better! Pick from black cats and scary witches, hannibal lector and the grim reaper, even some glowing jackolanterns will make your window. Purchase colored glow in the dark spray as well….a green glowing incredible hulk stencil will stand out.

Enjoy your glowing experience…who said that pumpkin stencils are only for pumpkins.

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