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Having a Halloween office party? Here are some planning tips:

Pick pumpkins that aren’t too big. This will cut down on the amount of prep time. Not to mention the bigger the pumpkin the more mess to clean up.
Distribute your pumpkins to each team the day before so that they can clean it before the contest starts. Have them only carve the top stem and empty the insides of the pumpkin. Actual pumpkin carving should take place during the contest.

Garbage bags or plastic drop sheets: These are used to keep your floors clean.
Allow teams to bring their own pumpkin carving tools. Select one pumpkin stencil per team and hide each stencil in an envelope. Have each team draw a random envelope to determine which stencil they should carve. Designate a time limit for the contest. Everyone can carve the perfect pumpkin if given a longer time frame. Shorten your time limit for a more exciting challenge.

Send the following email to your staff. Be sure to include location, dates and times of your event:

Pumpkin Carving Contest Announcement example:

Welcome all Halloween carvers! Here are your official rules for the Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Contest. Please choose your pumpkin carving teams. Teams may have only up to 3 members. One member holds the pumpkin, one person does the carving and one person holds the band-aids. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Bring your ultimate pumpkin carving tools (power tools allowed!). Pumpkins will issued 24 hours prior to the carving contest and must be prepped prior to arrival at the pumpkin carving contest. Please remember that the only cutting allowed prior to the contest is the section around the stem in which you will remove the guts and prepare your pumpkin for carving. Please leave all pumpkin guts at home.

There will be a bonus contests for the best pumpkin seeds. Originality and best flavour will take home the special prizes.

Please arrive with your team prepared with garbage bags to protect the floor and your tools in hand. You will select one of our random envelopes where we have previously stuffed with Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils. We have selected higher difficultly pumpkin stencils just to make it a fun day full of oops and bad words. Don’t forget your toothpicks to stitch your mistakes back together. Of course there will be a time limit, do you think we’d select something difficult and give you all day to carve it? Highly unlikely!

HINTS to the HOSTS: Prize suggestions: Prizes for the most oops, prizes for the best overall, prizes for the loudest team, prize to the team with the most spirit.

HINT to the HOSTS: Send pictures of your prize winners to and they could be displayed or even eligible for prizes

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